Tuesday, January 06, 2009

Christmas at the Fairbanks'

After christmas morning at our housewe went over to the Fairbanks' and celebrated with them. Their whole family was there too. We had a blast opening presents and seeing Kambria and Madalyn playing with each other. Weston even enjoyed himself...see picture of Jacqueline and Weston... Some of the big things we recieved as gifts were; Kambria got an mp3 player that is kid proof and allows downloadable songs, (so she can play honey, honey of course) and a set of table and chairs that are pink! She was so excited and carried them all over the house! Bryan and I opened our BIG present: a WII!!! and along with that came our WII fit! That was what Bryan got up at 3:30 for black friday morning and waited in line for!!! So he got to finally open what he was wanting and has been waiting for for a whole month. I told him he could not play it until christmas. And so here is to the new year of health...we sure hope anyways!!!! Bryan also got to open one of Weston's presents from Erik and Lisa...a football!!! There is a slight joke behind that...Weston is a linebacker in training since he is so big and Erik needed some ideas for gifts to Bryan and said that if he did not give him any, he would just give him a football...but Erik came through and Bryan got the cd of David Archuleta as well as the football :o)

Nap time with my new toy...songs to put me to sleep! Don and MaryEllen got a WII for christmas too...so now we have to have competitions. They also got Mario Kart which we debated getting, but said maybe later. So we have been playing that a lot at heir house. I am not so good at it, but am getting better.


Kristy said...

Looks like a fun Christmas with all the family. Very cool that you got a WII. I'm a little jealous.

Tamie said...

we played mario cart when paul and aubery were here---that is wicked fun! get it!