Wednesday, June 24, 2009


On june 13, we took some friends over to a place called Jumpin'. It is a big building filled with inflatable jumping things. We had a blast. It is the same place we went with Lisa and Erik. We had so much fun with them the first time we went that we had to go back. So here are a couple of pictures to show our fun time...

Lydia is a little nervous going down the slide but Ashley thinks it is great! What a classic picture!I can do it myself dad!SEE! Here I go!Don't make me do it again!Ok says Dad...lets just play ball then.Here says Weston, I will show you how it is done!But Lydia did not like that. So Weston was off to try and climb...And low and behold he DID climb. ALL BY HIMSELF!!! Iwas shocked!And here he is at his accomplishment!!!

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