Wednesday, June 24, 2009


So the past couple of weeks we have had a LOT of RAIN...and with that comes hail too!

These first pictures are about a week ago and it then turned into a beautiful rainbow viewing.

Kambria LOVED holding the umbrella and going out into the rain. She thought is was the funnest thing to not get wet!
Notice she is wearing only panties...that happens around here a LOT!

In this picture if you look hard you can see 2 rainbows!
And then the other night we had a HUGE storm come in around 10pm. My mother called and told us we were set for HUGE hail, so we parks Nelson's car half way into the was already raining really hard when we did this so Bryan got drenched. Then we put blankets on his car so as to not get hail damage...your welcome Nelson! Bryan trying to show how wet he was

I think my picture did him more justice

And then after he was so wet he decided it would be fun to play in the you can see the hail that came down. It was only about pea size though so no HUGE deal. But it did hurt when it pelted youAnd this is the sky lighting up after a bolt of lightening...pretty cool. The show was AMAZING!!! it lasted about 2 hour of HUGE lightening.

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