Thursday, October 08, 2009

Kambria is 3...a little late on the post

Kambria is three!
I can not believe that my baby is three already! She is growing and becoming such the lady. She keeps me hopping and going all the time. If I have spent too much time in the house she gets her shoes on and says, lets go mom…where? I don’t know. We should just go! That is my girl! She likes to be doing and going and having a grand time! We love her so much.
Her three year stats:
Height: 37.3”
Weight: 34lbs
She is in the 50% for both---just as Weston is for his age group! We have “average” children, but only average in height and weight! ;o)

She wanted a butterfly birthday so we had a “friend” party, which only turned out as having her friend Rileigh come and play.

Her “cake” was butterfly cupcakes. I thought they turned out rather well from just seeing them online She wanted green and yellow butterflies…

Kambria got so excited when we sang happy birthday to her that her eyes filled up with tears. She tried so hard to not cry, but they definitely were tears of joy! That is my girl!!! Already her heart is close to her tear ducts. (as my grandpa Don would say)

She got playdough from Riliegh...can you tell she is happy!?
Kambria also received a big comfy lounge chair from Bryan’s boss Joe and his family! Rileigh and Kambria had a great time, as did Weston and Chloe!

The next day we had my parents and Bryan’s parents come over to celebrate! It was a grand time. Kambria got a sandbox from Nonnie and Poppa and toys to fill it with from Colin and Tess!

And once again when we sang to her, she teared up! What a cutie!

She got a exercise/alphabet bike from mom and dad with some books and DVD’s to help her start learning her letters. She got a fun squishy Ball from Amanda and a camera of her own from Grandma and Grandpa.

She also got a present from Bryan's piano students. Her very own Horse!!!! Fun fun!

She had a blast having so much attention on her! We love you Kambria and are so glad you chose us for your family!

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Kristy said...

She has a high water table like me!