Thursday, October 08, 2009


Kambria's 3 year pictures! I LOVE them!!!
Updates on Weston: He is growing and developing so much. He is beginning to have quite the cute personality. Things he can understand when you tell him to do something: Change your pants (ie he runs to the changing table to have me change his diaper.) shut the drawer, door or cupboard. Put it back. Where are your ears, your hair, your nose, your eyes…he has been controlling his blinking now that he knows where his eyes are. He loves to give kisses…although they are quite wet!!! He can say woof for dog and LOVES to fold his arms for prayers. Half the time he reminds us it is time to pray! Even in the morning before Daddy goes to work he is at our coffee table with his arms folded! We love him and are so glad he is our little man!!!

Updates on Kambria: She is 3 with an attitude and vocabulary of a 21 year old!!! She has been asking mommy lately is she is crabby. The conversation goes something like this…
“Mom, are you crabby?” Mom says no. “ I think you are mom. You are being crabby!” Thanks Kambria!!! Also a cute thing although I think she really didn’t understand the meaning of it was a conversation about buses.
Bryan asks what bus do you ride Kambria? Which she quickly responds “The long one.” And then the question is which one does Mommy ride? “The short one.” Dad of course LAUGHS!!!! And then which one does Daddy ride? “ The long one.” Which he smirks at…Then Which one does Weston ride? “The short one because he is small.” Bryan thought it was HILARIOUS! Of course he did…unless it were reversed!

She also has been LOVING he preschool. She has been into pretending a LOT more lately because of it. She even as eating at her “restaurant” the other night when we were eating dinner. She named her restaurant “Santi-woah-to” it was very entertaining to watch.
This past Sunday we were fasting and broke our fast at grandmas house. Kambria wanted to say the prayer and so grandma helped her little bit. “Thank you that we could fast”…but Kambria proceeds to say, “Thank you that we could be fast.” Just cute in my eyes!!!

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