Tuesday, November 03, 2009


So I know this is a little late, but I figured rather than trying to get caught up right away on all the other posts I have been meaning to do...I would just start today and move forward...and then maybe once in a while finish an old post too...

so now for Halloween. This month we did a lot to try and have the kids as excited as we could. We made sugar cookies and decorated them:

We cut pumpkins twice.

Once at our house:

And once at grandma & grandpas house:

We had a Halloween party at Kambrias school. Forgot to take pictures of that one.

Went to the ward Halloween party: This year we were the clan from Peter Pan. Kambria was Tinkerbell, Bryan was captain hook...with a real prosthetic hook and all! Mom was Wendy and Weston was Peter Pan. We thought it turned out really good!
Kambria even got to go on a hay ride all by herself!

Then on Halloween we went over to Pat and Ashly's house and had dinner with them, took the kids tick or treating...which Weston and Lydia even got into...

Peter PanTinkerbelland then we made Doughnuts together! They were SO good and fun to make. Pat had made the dough earlier, but we got to decorate them and eat them. Kambria even helped!

We tried to celebrate my 30th birthday earlier in the month...but we all had been sick so it got cancelled! Pat and Ashley were kind enough to make me a big doughnut and sing happy birthday to me! It was quite he surprise and was fun to celebrate again! Thanks guys!


Jackie B. said...

you guys look great all dressed up.

Kristy said...

Those look so yummy! What a fun thing to do on Halloween. I love the costumes.

Jennifer B. said...

Oh my goodness, I love the Peter Pan Family idea! Yeah for going for a Disney theme ;).