Tuesday, November 03, 2009

My birthday...only a month late

Thursday October 15, 2009This is what I woke up to! CINNAMON rolls!!!! It was wonderful...especially since Bryan had to work that day! He got up early and made them for me and decorated! Kambria woke up and came in my room and woke me up by saying lets go see all your presents and balloons! They are out in the kitchen for your birthday! Way to ruin the surprise! But it was wonderful for her to remember my birthday too!

This is Weston folding his arms! He does it so well!

This was the kitchen table with all My presents!I got custom orthotics from Bryan! What a surprise. He had someone from work make them for me and what a Sucker I was thinking he was taking a mold of my foot for someone to practice on at work! I got makeup and face lotion...only costing $4 by the way! I even have Bryan saving money now! ;o)
And I got new jeans!!! I also got two boxes of Tulips and Bryan's help to plant them. This is the first time I have done tulips so hopefully they will turn out!
That night I thought we were not going to do ANYTHING fun for my birthday...but low and behold our friends Trinity and Wes come over to have dinner with us and celebrate! It was something different and fun! Thanks guys!This was my birthday Pie that MaryEllen made me since she knows that cakes are not my most favorite! and Weston and Kambria had to help me open my presents...I got a wonderful Wreath to go on my front door, Some jewelry, and some underwear! It was great!
I later celebrated with my mother and father and they got me some hand weights! Just what I had asked them for! Thanks!


Jackie B. said...

YAY! new post. Happy Belated Birthday. I did think of you...i just didn't contact you. Glad you had a good one and got spoiled. you are so beautiful and i am SO glad i know you! Love ya girlie!

Kristy said...

Happy Birthday! It looks like you got spoiled. Which you deserve.

Dre said...

I totally remembered your Birthday at the beginning of the month...but of course being not a great friend forgot to wish you a Happy Birthday!! Looks like you had a great time!