Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Weston is 18 months!!!

Weston is 18 months old now. His doctor appointment was great.
He has a little eczema, but so did his sister...and still does once in a while. We just have to put special lotion on him more often and get away from Johnson's baby soap/lotion! Not so good fro his skin apparently.
His stats are 27lbs 4.7 oz ~75%
33 1/2 in ~75%

Kambria's were 23lbs 6.4 oz ~25%
310in ~25%

What a difference. We knew Weston was a big kid! Btu we love him so much!
He is not talking very much, but the doctor said he is ok with what he does say. He knows a few signs and repeats words when he wants to. He is a stubborn little guy and likes things done in a certain way.

He loves to put things away in the sink when done eating/drinking. He likes to help clean up, and he even goes to his bedroom for time out when asked/told too!!! What a great skill!!!

Kambria started potty training at 18 months, but I think Weston is a ways away from that. He is more interested in other things. Maybe at 2 we could start with him.

We love this little guy and all that he brings with him! ... We are getting his 18 months pictures done tomorrow, so I will post those later!

We love you WESTON!!!


Heather said...

Can believe our babies are about to go into nursery!

Roni, Coleman, Makadie and Anika said...

I LOVE your family picture Eliza! I can't believe how fast these little kiddos grow up! Yours are still so cute! We still miss you guys!