Thursday, February 04, 2010

Christmas Eve pictures 20009

We spent Christmas Eve at Eliza's parents house. it was fun to have everyone there. The night started out with a yummy dinner...that I did not get any pictures of.

Throughout the night games were played to try and entertain the kids. This one was composed of flipping frogs into the bucket.

This one is elefun. Tess had fun with this too! ;o)We then did Luke 2. Kambria was Mary. Hayden was Joseph.Weston was not too he was the "sheep."Chloe was an angel...

Ella was an angel too but did not care to wear the costume.Then came the Christmas songs. Bryan was at the piano...this is one reason I married him! I LOVE when he plays the piano.And everyone joining in to sing...even the kids joined in...trying to play the piano.

This was Nonnie's gift to the grand tents. So she gave one to Leah's kids and one to my kids. Kambria and Weston LOVE theirs. They play in it ALL the timeHere is Hayden trying to play the trumpet ornament. Tess tried too and actually could get a pretty good noise out of it...That is what a trumpet player can do.This is my gift to my mother. i made her an apron. I thought it turned out pretty good!!!Brady teaching Bryan how to do cat's cradle. Don't know if they ever truly were successful in the teaching!Hayden and Weston got bomber jackets from Nonnie and Papa...cuties!!!And the girls all got matching jackets/pant outfits. They were so cute to be all matching! This was our Christmas eve festivities!

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