Monday, May 23, 2011

Ainsley is 2 months!!!

Ainsley had her 2 month check up today. She did AWESOME! the nurse was even impressed. She got her first shots today! ;o( She sure is a chunk a monk though! She has THUNDER THIGHS.

Her stats:

height: 23 in ~90%

weight: 12.6 lbs ~ 90%

head: 15.4 in ~ 50-75%

Not bad baby girl! We sure do love you!!! She is cooing and smiling AT us now. We can hardly believe she is 2 months old! Boy time flies when you are busy taking care of 3 kids and trying to pack a house, close on a house and have a new born! But we are enjoying this time of our life. Ainsley is such a GOOD baby. She even sleeps up to 8 hours a night...although most nights are about 5 hours...still not bad. ;o)

(on another note: Kambria had to get 4 shots today in prep for kindergarten so she could be ready. The nurse said I could do it today since I asked for the records and she said she would needs these BEFORE they would let her in so we just did it for easiness since it is hard to get all 3 kids to a doctors office ;o) they are so nice...and Kambria did great. She was a bit nervous but held back her tears and later said, "mom that did not hurt really and I was so brave!" what a cutie! )


OurNotebook said...

She is such a doll Eliza! I seriously cannot believe how time flies! Babies need to stay little, but I know that Heavenly Father has a better plan for them. Hope all is well. Would love to hear from you sometime. Take care and as always I send my love and best to you and your family!

Kristy said...

She is such a cutie! You are one busy lady!

Dre said...

What a cute baby!!! Hope everything went alright on closing on your house. We need to catch up. One of Bryan's high school choir friends is in our ward here in MN. Small world!