Sunday, May 22, 2011

Mother's day 2011

This is what I woke up to for mothers day! An omlet with FRESHLY PICKED strawberries an strawberry drink! IT was AMAZING! Then we had church and when we came home I got this for dinner:

Lemon Asparagus chicken! It is the most wonderful meal and Bryan makes it so well!

Then I got this for dessert:A dessert pizza with strawberries, freshly picked, and kiwi on a BIG cookie! Delicious!

I also got cards from the kids and Bryan with a gift card. It is great. I got cards from my mother and MaryEllen. They were great! What an awesome day! Being a mother is great and I could not have asked for better kids. They may have energy and be crazy and wired ALL THE TIME...but I love them and love that they have given me the opportunity to be a mom....which I am learning how to do better everyday! ;o)


Natalie said...

All that looks so yummy! Will he share his Lemon Asparagus Chicken recipe?

Your are a lucky Mom!!

Kristy said...

Alden could use some cooking lessons from Bryan. Looks so wonderful! Happy Mothers Day!