Sunday, July 17, 2011

June post...swimming

I know I am WAY behind on my here is my attempt at getting caught up! Back in the beginning of June my new friend Julie invited me to go swimming with her..I tried to avoid it seeing that I had just had a baby and a swimming suit is not what I wanted to be wearing...however she asked several more times and the kids really wanted to go. So we went! It was a good thing Julie was there to help me watch my kids, because 3 is almost to many to be able to handle by myself until Ainsley can sit up by herself. But it was fun and memorable!

Weston is being a goof!
This is Julie helping Kambria swim in the big pool. Kambria is wearing the yellow arm bands. Julie said Kambria is a natural! I need to get this girl into some swim lessons soon! And Julie said they do them year round at the rec maybe once school has started and things from the summer time calm down!

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