Sunday, July 17, 2011

Kambria getting tests done in the hospital

During the week of Kambria's dance class, she became sick (throwing up sick) and was dizzy. She had complained about being dizzy on Tuesday and Wednesday, but I thought it was due to her dancing and spinning and so kind of ignored it...well Thursday morning she could not stop swaying and throwing up. So i took her to the doctors...(which was ONLY possible due to a friend loaning me her car since they were out of town and my van was in the shop, what a blessing in disguise!) and they said she looked fine except for her swaying...she was REALLY dizzy. So they sent me to children's hospital to do some tests ...just in case!

So there we checked in, they gave her anti nausea medicine, had a urinalysis done and she ate about 4 did Weston. They made her get up and walk and she was still they recommended having a cat scan we did....just in case!

All tests came back fine and showing nothing abnormal...She was a trooper.

Come to find out later from my mom that when she gets too dehydrated she gets vertigo and throws up the verdict is that she got dehydrated...which has happened before, and then she never got re hydrated and therefore got vertigo...She is fine now, but what an ordeal! I spent the whole day at the docs or hospital.

WE just got the "bill" for it, which we have insurance taking care of and it was over $3,000!! AMAZING! no wonder insurance stuff is so expensive! but SO very glad we have insurance and that Kambria is healthy and well!

Here are the pics from the excursion if you could call it that! Notice they are holding hands...Weston was so worried about her! He is so sweet!

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Jennifer B. said...

Poor little girl! Glad that it wasn't anything too serious!