Sunday, September 18, 2011

offically in kindergarten!

This is Kambria's first day to be dropped off to school for kindergarten. Here she is at the car being "dropped" off!

This is her teacher Mrs. Martin. She LOVES her...

Weston getting a turnt o sit at the table before we have to say goodbye. He actually did really good. He was excited for her and then said when is it my turn? Someday soon buddy!

Kambria doing their first activity...with a smug look saying dont have to take any more pictures. This little girl is Cheyenne...she has become one of her favorite friends! Who knew right?

Me getting my picture in...Carsen is the other little girl. She lives across the street and actually got moved into a new kindergarten class becasue there were too many kids. But we still see her everyday. She rides the bus to and from school with Kambria!

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