Thursday, February 23, 2012

Madalyn's 5th party

While we were in UT, madalyn celebrated her 5th birthday. So Kambria and Weston got to go to her party! They were both so excited! She had a pajama party with Minnie Mouse! Here is Grandpa making the pancakes that we got to eat and decorate! The adults got whole wheat pancakes! Both Bryan and I loved them. We will be having them again soon!Kambria and Weston enjoying their decorated their pajama'sMadalyn and Layna doing the same! Here is the crew at the party getting ready to play some gamesPlaying musical pillowsWhat Kambria and Weston gave Madalyn. To make bracelets with! Grandma and grandpa gave madalyn a charger for her leapster Madalyn's cake...slumber party style!
Blowing out the candles We had a great time celebrating Madalyn's 5th birthday!

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