Wednesday, August 08, 2012

California day 1 and 2

So I am going to try and tell all about our week trip to CA.
It started out by driving to Nashville and saying our final goodbye to our home. We gave the the keys and other garage door opener to our friend the Olivas'. We are happy that it is going to someone who will love the home as much as we did. Then we got on a plane and took the almost 5 hour plane ride to CA. The kids really did good considering. Bryan had Kambria and Weston and I had Ainsley...except for a few minutes, and for the pictures.

On the plane...

Once we got to the hotel, and got our things settled and said hello to the rest of the fam, we all headed to take a walk down downtown Disney. We saw some pretty amazing art made from Lego's.
Here is woody and buzz.

Here is a cool dragon firing at the "prince"

Grandma walking with 4 of the grand kids with popcorn that Grandpa bought!

Here Ainsley is trying on her ears, she is all smiles in getting ready for Disneyland in 2 days.

 Sunday we went to church and when we came home, all the kids took a little rest with grandma on the hotel bed. It of course involved playing on Grandmas nook...the things we convince kids to do.

After our short nap and lunch, we decided to head to Huntington beach. They had a competition there that day and it was BUSY!!!
But we tried to make the most of it and this was the first time my kids had seen the ocean! Kambria and Weston were in HEAVEN!!! Sand and water and mom did not care if they got dirty.

Ainsley was a little timid at first and needed some help from Grandma and mom...
with Grandpa documenting it all!

Scott helped Weston by "throwing" him in...although he didn't really.

All smiles after realizing he was "safe"

Kambria found a hole and started building her sand castle.

Then Weston and Madalyn decided to help...however it was a little too close to the tide and did not last long.

Ainsley liked playing in the sand too
We had a long walk back to our cars, and then headed for the hotel for some idnner and early night in anticipation for DISNEYLAND the next day...


Kristy said...

Looks like a fun trip!

Jennifer B. said...

How fun! Can't wait to see the rest!