Thursday, October 05, 2006

Final doctors appointment

Today was my final doctors appointment for my pregnancy. Everything checked out good and he said I "can do what I want..Within reason of course." That means come Monday I go on a new exercise plan...And diet too. I know I still have to be eating a TON of food, but it will be more on the healthy side than it has been lately. After having avoided almost ALL junkfood due to gestational diabetes, I went on a junk food ravage it feels like the last 4 weeks or so. SO back on the healthy eating and to the exercise. I actually have missed being able to go swimming, or exercising at the gym or even a brisk walking. That's what a c-section will do to you....WANT to exercise.

So Brady is going to come home this weekend, which makes me really happy. I want to spend some time with him so I will be down to my parents house on Friday night and spend Friday night and Saturday morning with my family and then I will come back up to fort Collins Saturday afternoon so Scott and Lisa can spend some time with Kambria too. Bryan was so nice about the whole thing and that made my day. I know Bryan does not like it when I leave him here and I go to Denver, but I think he is realizing that I need time with my family too. He is very kind and sweet that way! Man, I sure do love him!

So that is my life right now in a nut shell. Until next time.

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