Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Ready for Halloween?

So I am almost done with all 3 Halloween costumes for us this year...Kambria's monkey outfit, my monkey outfit ( I couldn't think of what else to be) and Bryan's pirate outfit, since he has to be one for work. But I put Kambria in here Halloween clothes today and she is most cute...Although truthfully you would not know if she was a girl or a boy. Usually I put a colored bow in her hair if I dress her "neutral" meaning no pink... This you can tell from the red outfit...But it says, "grandma loves (to spoil) me and I thought it most cute! I am just having so much fun dressing her and then taking pictures. Hopefully I will still have this much energy when the next kids come along...Who knows.

So Don and MaryEllen, Bryan's parents, left this morning for their adult reunion. So Bryan and Amanda and I have the house to ourselves. It definitely is weird having to figure out how to cook again ;o) not really but different being the only ones here. Bryan is going to a bank work party tonight so Amanda and I are going to go to Chick-fil-a for dinner since Bryan gets to go out...He can not have ALL the fun!...
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PotatoJack said...

Hope you had a great time having chic-flic night! Sometimes you just gotta have those! And no we aren't ready for Halloween yet. I just barely put out my halloween stuff on Sunday. LOL. We don't have pumpkins yet, and i don't think we'll dress up. What slackers we are!