Tuesday, January 16, 2007


So I finally feel like my life is moving forward. Bryan and I have had a serious talk about our future plans and he has engaged! He is looking into nursing schools thinking he might want to do that, as well as trying to get a job at Allosource and also looking into getting volunteer hours in the prosthetics field. I know that he does not really know what he wants to do with his career or near future, but it a step closer for me. I just feel like we have been lacking in the forward movement. And now I have some movement.

I do have to admit that there have been MANY prayers and thoughts on our behalf lately and I want to thank all those people out there! THANKS!!! I know each person has their own problems, but I feel like we have been EXTREMELY blessed with friends and family who have a concern in our little "problems."

So the count down for moving has begun for me. It is less than 2 weeks and frankly I cant wait!!! I am very excited! I know that Bryan is not as excited as me, but I think it will improve EVERYTHING for us! If he gets this job at allosource he will be making more money than he currently is and he will only be working 4 ten hour days. I think he will enjoy that more. And I will be happier, not that I am not happy, but I think being with my own family will improve my "happiness" times. I also think that it will be good for my family to have us around too. I know my mother is thrilled. I have high hopes for the next little while.

I am trying to start/ continue working towards my goals. This has been a little difficult as of lately and it has only truthfully been one week. What a pathetic goal getter I am!!! At least I am trying I guess. I shouldn't get too discouraged!

Well I feel like I am rambling now...but I do have to say thanks for posting FINALLY Brady. And I know what you mean...don't get too discouraged. Just continue moving forward. You are in our prayers and thoughts too! Love you!

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Heather said...

What happened to your hit counter... its back at 26?
Ok but back to my original post- good luck with your goals.. Day 1 of Biggest Loser, its 9:30 am and I'm dying!!! I'm not so great at goals either.