Thursday, January 11, 2007

Good advice

So my friend Heather from Ricks College wrote this little piece of advice on her blog that she got from her mother in law and I thought it was so true that I'm using it too... thanks Heather!

Life is hard. Marriage is hard. Family life is hard. And all for a purpose. Not one of us is at home on this planet; we are all away at school. In speaking of the plan of salvation, mortality, the second estate, is often referred to as the second act. It is a fact that living happily ever after is never written into the second act of plays, but rather it is reserved for the third act. The third act in this play is eternal life, where we will live happy ever after, if, during this life, we endure to the end in gcheer. Being of good cheer is a virtue. Cheerfulness is a condition, more of the mind than of circumstance, and is worthy of cultivation. Mothers who are of good cheer impart courage, confidence, optimism, hope, and faith in the Lord to their husbands and children. Cheerful mothers draw family members to them. The entire family tends to thrive in an environment that is both spiritually and temporally cheerful.

This is just so true...and I say this at a time in my life when it feels like the second act is not going as I want. Well that is not is just going a little slower than I want, but happiness is a journey not a destination. I am very excited to see how the next few months come out and how our attitudes reflect our actions.

Kambria got her 4 month shots two days ago, even though she is almost 5 months, and got her first fever. We kept on top of tylenol and everything turned out fine. I can see how mothers get so worried. Here is this little person who doesn't know what is going on with their body, and all they know is tthey don't feel good. And it is up to the mother to make them feel better. Poor things! But all is well thus far. Thank goodness for modern medicine!

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