Friday, January 19, 2007

Kambria's first solid foods

So Kambria has been waking up a LOT more lately and so we decided last Saturday that we would start feeding her solid foods. Boy do her diapers reflect it! They STINK!! so we had to go out and purchase a diaper genie so it would not smell up the basement so much.

But it sure has been fun to feed her and watch how excited she is about it. These are some of the pictures that we took. Kambria is SO interested in the table and anything we are eating. I feel like I cant feed her fast enough. She is just eating Barley cereal since her digestive system is not really regular in how often she has dirty diapers. And since rice cereal makes you constipated the doc said to feed her barley I said her diapers stink and she i more regular than she has ever been!!!

On a new subject, we are moving our two cats down to Denver this weekend so that they can stay with my parents and then we wont have to move them next weekend when we move our other stuff. I am not sure how Gracie will be at the move. We are going to move them just in a box with slits for air this time instead of Meeko's carrier. Meeko is Bryan's parents dog. And last time we moved them to their house from our apartment, which was only a 15 minute car ride, Gracie pooped and peed all over herself because she was so freaked out. So we are hoping that the boxes will not freak her out so much. I put them out last night and she has already slept and played in the boxes. So we have high hopes this time. Although the car ride is about an hour and some...we shall see. Until next time


Heather said...

Cereals are fun, but wait till you get the table food diapers.... whoo wee.

PotatoJack said...

Cute pics. Good luck with that cats this weekend. I hope all goes well.