Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Your feather?

So I was watching Oprah yesterday for a minute and happened to hear a very sweet statement. Oprah and Nate, her decorating pal, were talking about redoing a room and bringing memories into the room without being painful. He did this for a woman who lost her husband and wanted to remember him, but did not want the painful memories to be there. So Nate framed a single white feather to help her remember her husband. It was something she had told Nate about. I guess this woman thought of her husband every time she saw a feather. It was beautiful and Oprah and Nate then came up with the saying, "What is your feather?"

I thought about it for a while and I would have to say that Kambria and Bryan are my feathers, and I LOVE looking at pictures with them in it. So pictures of them would be my "feather." Also the piano is a big part of Bryan and Kambria loves it too...so maybe a picture of a piano would work too!

So I ask...what would your feather be?

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aubrey said...

so a "feather" is something that reminds you of someone? if that is the case then my feathers are smells and sounds. not so much sights. like songs that i hear that remind me of someone or smells of flowers or food. that is cool. thanks for sharing!

are you guys gonna do the synchronized swimming?