Monday, July 02, 2007

Fun and YUCKY!

So this weekend I decided to splurge and go out and buy myself a VERY cute dress. The mother of the baby that I watch was wearing a this cute dress on Thursday and so when she came to see Evan at lunch, I asked her where she got it. Turns out from dress barn. So I made Bryan go with me on Friday and I tried on all sorts of dresses. I tried the one on that Lauren had on and I LOVED it!!! It was a little more pricey than I would normal buy a dress for, but since I NEVER wear dresses and since I am earning a little extra money, Bryan agreed with me that I should buy it! It always helps to have your husband agree that you look cute in it and tell you that even though it is expensive, that you should buy it!!! So that is in reference to my title part of fun...

And my title part of yucky is the way that I felt yesterday from about 10am on.

I had to teach in YW and my dad thought that Kambria needed to stay home since she was not feeling well. So my mom stayed home with her. Which turned out to be the best thing.

I went through Sunday school not feeling so well. SO I thought maybe it was because
I was dehydrated. So I tried to be discrete about drinking water since it was fast Sunday. That made me feel a little better. Then came YW. I was not feeling well AT ALL! The girls were freezing cold with the A/C on so I had them face it only on me. I think that is what got me through the lesson. Then we have sacrament meeting last...

I was feeling dizzy and not good. So we stayed through taking the sacrament and went home. It wasn't but two blocks form home and I started feeling VERY nauseous. It turned out I was. I ended up pucking. And I had diarrhea the rest of the day. THANK goodness it was on a Sunday when people were around to take care of Kambria and I did not have to watch Evan.

Today I am feeling SO much better and things are going well...I am now on the count down to CANADA!!!! Thursday we are leaving around 1 or 2 pm and headed to BC Canada for Bryan's family reunion. We will be gone for 10 days...I love going and it should be so much fun to show off Kambria and become reacquainted with all of Bryan's cousin's. So three days and counting!

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Kristy said...

Too bad about being sick. That is the worst. Have fun in Canada. A vacation is always nice. I love dress barn. They seem to always have something that I like.