Thursday, July 19, 2007

our trip to canada!

So I want to say lots, but with lack of time and for fear of boring too many people I will keep it short and to the point!

So we left Thursday July 5th around 1:30 pm. We rented a car due to our cars not being THAT reliable...well at least not to drive to Canada and back. So we were in a 2 month old Chevy Impala!!! Man was that nice! We definitely were spoiled! It had remote start and lots of little features that Bryan and I fell in love with. It only had 3050 miles on it when we got it and when we returned it it had 6089 miles!!! We almost doubled the mileage.

So the first day we drove to Sheridan Wyoming and spent the night in an OK motel. Not somewhere I would choose to stay again., but OK for a night. Then we got up and had their continental breakfast, which included waffles!, and then headed out around 7:30 that morning. We listened to Harry Potter and the half blood prince anytime we were in the car and it made the time fly by!!! When we made it to Butte Montana we actually saw Bryan's family driving on the road going into Butte to have lunch when we were heading out of butte from taking lunch. So that was a fun experience...definitely not planned but fun! We made it into Spokane, WA around 6pm that night and stayed at Microtel inn. It was WAY better than the other motel, but the next morning their breakfast was PITIFUL! I guess you have to pick and choose what you want; breakfast or a nicer place.

Then we got up and started to pack to leave for the rest of the way for Canada, only to learn that the tent trailer Bryan's family was carrying needed to be worked on otherwise the tire was going to pop because it was rubbing against the trailer. So about an hour later after Bryan and his dad and his brother Scott worked on it, we were off. (On a side note, I just want to say thanks to Bryan for acting in a calm and collected manner when it was discovered rather than flying off the handle and just becoming frustrated. He did very well and even thought of the solution! I was very proud.)

So we got into Canada about 4 pm, after having no problems at the border! YEAH!!!

And the rest of the week was mainly beach time for everyone but Kambria and Bryan and I. I do not do well in the sun, nor do I care for water. We went to the beach one day and Kambria did not like the cold water and I did not like the sun. So for the other days I found other things to do while the rest of them went to the beach and played in the water.

We did laundry, went to town and went and got ice cream, went to good old WALLY'S world, and we even spent a day walking around Kelowna and the wineries there. We were going to take a tour, but we would have had to pay fro Kambria to go and we thought it was a little ridiculous. So we had our own little outside tour. I wish we would have gone, but maybe next time...

We went and saw Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix in the little theater in Penticton, BC. IT was fun to see the movie, but the theater definitely was crappy!
Then Saturday morning, July 14th, we headed home. We spent the night in Helena Montana due to the Fairbanks' having some friends living there. Although, we spent time with them, we did go to a motel to sleep. Motel 8. It was the best of any hotel/motel we stayed in. I would recommend it to anyone looking for a good deal and nice place. They even had a good continental breakfast. WAFFLES!!!

So we made it home the next day about 8pm. Two very long days in a car with a 10 month old! She did very well and we only had to pull over once so I could sit in the back with her and play. other than that she played by herself and slept. I was VERY impressed and happy with the outcome!

So that was our trip in a short are some pics for you all to enjoy.
Scott going down the curling slide for family olympics
Grandpa Don going down the same slide
Amanda and Lisa contemplating which team at family olmpics truly won.Erik water skiing for the iron man competition. Yes he won it by 1 second!Family photo day. This is the whole Fairbanks family!Lisa and Madalyn
Bryan and KambriaScott and Jacqueline

Bryan fliping a pancake on an iron griddle. Yes the pancake is there if you look hard.

Grandma and Grandpa with the grandkids at the beach.

Our little family

What a happy girl!

Grandma reading me a story.

This is one of the wineries

Our family at the winery

The over look at the winery

The great hall at the winery.


Kristy said...

Looks like you had a good family vacation. And you thought I was crazy for driving from LA to Evanston. What a long trip. I love the pictures of your family. Thanks for the update.

Heather said...

That does look like fun. The family olympics sound like a blast. You'll have to detail those!!

PotatoJack said...

Sounds like a good time! Motels are pretty iffy sometimes huh? love the winery pics. looks fabulous!