Monday, July 30, 2007

the weekend

So this weekend we went up to Fort Collins and spent some time with Bryan's parents. They had not seen Kambria walking...yes this is something I forgot to mention before...Kambria is walking. She started walking the last week before she turned 11 months...which means I can say she was walking at 10 months. This is important for bragging rights when mothers get together and talk about how wonderful THEIR kid is right? Right! Well it truly does not matter when but that she just is...It makes life that more challenging now that she can go so fast. She is quite good now and such a joy to watch. I feel so blessed to have such a happy and healthy little daughter!

So we went to the Dragon boat festival on Saturday with my family and watched the Asian culture have dragon boat races and booths of fun with all sorts of Asian things. Both Tess and I thought of Colin and how much fun he would have had looking at all the Asian things! We do miss him but know he is serving the Lord right now, and doing what he needs to be doing. We miss you Colin! We stayed at the festival for about 2 hours. The rest of my family went home and Bryan and I stayed to get Kambria's name written in cool writing...see photo below!

Bryan was so intrigued by how they did it he wanted to get one done...but i told him I did not want my name, so when I came up with the suggestion of Kambria he said, "Let's do it!!" In the end I am glad we did! We also got to see a contortionist. This picture below is blurry, but she is holding he ENTIRE body with her moth on the stick with her feet bent over her head!!!! It was a fun show to watch!

Then we went to Don and MaryEllen's in Fort Collins. We did not "do" much other than sit around and watch Kambria walk and be cute and played the Train game. I did not like the ending because Bryan ended it too fast. I was a little ticked off...but then we played oh heck, which is another game I do not TRULY care for but was willing to play. Turned out I won the game for the first time EVER!!! So it made up for absolutely LOSING the train game, which Bryan won. So I think we make up a pretty good pair right? loses and one wins.

It was a great weekend with some fun times and fun pictures taken! I will have to get some of the ones Don took this weekend. He LOVES to take pictures, especially of Kambria!!!


Tamie said...

oh my gosh!!! i am bummed that we didn't know about the Dragon festival...we would have totally gone, the boys would have had a blast. eliza, you really need to pass along the info on those things...saturday's are pretty quite if we don't do anything exciting. :)
i'm jealous, it looks like you all had a really great time.

PotatoJack said...

cool! i love those signs. i've thought about getting one for myself. LOL. They do those on the Santa Monica Pier too.

Heather said...

That did look like fun. Have a great weekend with your brother and know we will be missing you!!

Congrats on having a "walker" wait till she starts running... it's all downhill then.