Thursday, September 20, 2007

So I am in...?

Well, last week I had dinner with an old high school friend whom I have not seen in 9+ years...we started talking about our 10 year reunion that is supposed to happen next year. I took this as the starting conversation. Well, then today, I got a call from Travis G. who happens to be the Class president and he is starting to plan the reunion. I am the senior class president and so he thought it would be a good idea to get together some time soon and start talking about what we want to happen. So I had to contact a couple other people and such. It was all very surreal for me. But now we have all gotten in touch with people and the process is beginning! I CAN NOT believe that it has been 10 years since I graduated High School!!! Boy does time fly!

And now I have all the more excuse to keep up with my exercise so I don't look so "bad" at the reunion~~~~Wish me luck!...and any other friends out there who have ANY ideas about what to do for a 10 year reunion, it would be great to let me in on the info!!!


Kristy said...

My ten year reunion is coming up too. It's crazy. We have a couple of girls that are the "reunion committee" in our town. They arrange everything. I think we just have a huge BBQ at a park where people can bring their families and get reaquainted with everyone.

Tamie said...

welll...i don't have much to say on that end. i didn't go the 10-year...and that was 2 years ago(no jokes about the age please)....there are actually companies out there that will plan and execute your reunion for you. but if that is out-of-budget i suggest a family activity where you all can show off your hunky spouses and cute kids and then an adult evening least that is what i've seen for most reunions...just a bug. :)

ValSterBy said...

Yea, it is my 10 year reunion this spring as well. I cannot believe it is already here.
I mostly have a comment on the weight loss, I read this great motivating book lately called "The Jackrabbit Factor" (by Leslie Householder) it was about the power of our subconscious mind, and how to make that power work for us, so we can achieve ANYTHING we put our minds to. Check it out, I really think it would help.

ValSterBy said...

p.s. the book is by an LDS author, but it is available through Barnes and Noble, and on Be sure to tell me what you think.

PotatoJack said...

My class we were pure slackers! We didn't do any "senior" stuff during our senior year and we didn't have a 10 year reunion. I might go to a 20 year if we have one.