Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Labor day weekend

Over the weekend, we went up to Fort Collins Friday afternoon to visit with Bryan's brother Scott and his wife Jacquelyn. We went to a BBQ and just played. Then Saturday morning MaryEllen, Bryan and I went and looked at model homes. Bryan and I LOVE to dream and we have found some VERY nice homes that we like and wish for. One day we hope to ahve a house like these ones in Loveland. They are from the builders Oakwood homes. Their saying is more home for more less. It was a lot of fun.

On Sunday we went to church and came home, took a nap, and played Ticket to Ride! My sister Tess won the game for the first time. Then Tess' friends came over and watched the movie The best two years! while they were watching, Bryan and I decided to play the game again. This time my mother played with us, but Bryan and i ended up tying for the win. It was a fun time!

On Monday we went and watched the movie Hairspray! It is a good fun musical to see. Although we have decided that going in the morning before noon is GREAT. We only spent $4 a ticket instead of the $9 we would normally pay! My parents were so kind to watch Kambria while we went in the morning and then they went in the afternoon! What a great idea huh! No more crying babies in the movie theater for us for a while anyways!

And then we had a relaxing afternoon of shopping and finishing a photo CD for the ward youth conference we had in June!!! I know I am a little late, but it is FINALLY finished. Now we just have to find out how many copies to make and hand them out!

We also finished Bryan's application for CSUDH in California! We are hoping he gets into one of them!!! Wish us luck!


Tamie said...

hairspary was great, wasn't it. we went with all the girls during our fam reunion. i love seeing model homes...the only trouble is putting all the things that you like in all the different houses into some semblence of ONE house. :)

Kristy said...

Did I hear California? That would be cool if you were close. I want to see Hairspray but I haven't convinced Alden to go yet. I may just have to wait and rent it.

ValSterBy said...

Eliza, don't know if this is the cheesey way to answer you, but the best I thought. We got our one year pics at the JC Penny's in FC. Our photographer was Stacey, she did a fantastic job, and she was way patient with Shelby. We got a coupon for $7.99 for a package of all one pose or $3.99/page of pictures. I have seen these coupons in most of the parenting magazines. Glad you liked the pics. Thanks.

Chele said...

California huh that would be a huge chane but I think that it would be good for you guys. So good luck. Zach is still waiting to hear on the job in Dubois. Have a great week. I still haven't seen hairspray yet I need to I have heard so many things about it.