Tuesday, November 27, 2007

I am FINALLY back!!

I know it has been a while since I last wrote!!! Almost 3 weeks! That is a long time for me...but like I said, Bryan has been working diligently on the computer and the only reason I have it right now it that the web page he needs is not available due to the servers currently being down! So that means I get to update this!!! YEAH!
So to answer the question on every ones mind about what we bought that was so exciting....


yes it is VERY new...only 1 year old! It is an 07 Chevy Malibu and the color is officially maroon! What a shock for both of us! We were very surprised with ourselves when we drove it off the lot on Wednesday Nov 14! But we had already been looking at cars and trying to decide what we should do...the process took from 9 am to 5pm...so we put in our research and talking with the dealership and things. We were VERY proud of ourselves with how we did not let the sales man take advantage of us! We knew what we were doing and did not sign until we liked the deal! So we traded my car in, which we had to jump start to even drive it to the lot, and then we are going to be selling Bryan's passat here soon...so we will be a one car family. But that is fine with us...we will only need one car in the near future anyways and that way it saves on car insurance and on gas!!! We just have to plan accordingly! So we have owned the car for two whole weeks and it had been GREAT!!!

So we drove up to Fort Collins on Monday November 19 and then took off to Utah for Thanksgiving in Provo with Bryan's family out there. The only thing that was bad about this trip was that 5 out of the 11 of us were sick at some point during the weekend!!1 Bryan and I were included in that ans it was NOT FUN!!! Kambria even got sick, but hers was a WEIRD rash as you can tell by the pictures... just look closely at her legs. It started by her getting really mucus-y eyes that made her eyes glued shut...So were took her to insta care, but when we got there it was an hour and a half wait and there was an alarm going off due to some construction that was going on...so it was noisy and then I had a little voice tell me that Mom and Tess had had this not too long ago...so we left. the next day her eyes were still really goopy, but it was thanksgiving anyways so we did not go in. So on Friday we took her in because she started to get the rash. They said it is normal sometimes and not to worry. Well, we went and saw Grandma Jetta and Aunt Sherie and had some fun there...but then I started to get nauseous so we left. By the time we got back up to Orem, Kambria was puffy in the face! so Bryan went to the store and bought Benedryl but was even worse when he got back from the store! so all the guys gave her a blessing, which was cool to see! Then Bryan and his dad took her back to insta care and they said it was only hive and put her on some medicine called Zyrtek...it worked! She is MUCH better!!! Thank goodness for modern medicine.

So that was the eventful week in Utah! i am so glad to be back...and here are some more pictures just to have on record!

This is one that happened the day after veteran's day. I had watched another little girl and put the pack n play next to the piano bench...well not realizing, I had basically made stairs going up the piano. Bryan came down from the shower and found Kambria up on top of the PIANO!!!! it was a scary situation! But turned out all well in the end. so we put her back up to take a picture..so of course I could BLOG about it! ;o)

And this picture is about a month ago when we raked the leaves in the backyard! Kambria had so much fun! she even sat in the wheel barrow and was pushed around the back yard! What fun!


PotatoJack said...

Beautiful car! I want a NEW NEW car! I've never owned anything new.

Heather said...

New cars are always fun! Looks like a fun weekend.

ValSterBy said...

Congratulations on the new car!!! I have been dying to see what you bought, but car was my bet.
Yucky weekend! we all had the flu about a month ago, weird about the rash, glad it is all sorted!

Kristy said...

I'm so glad everything worked out with Kambria. It's scary when kids get so sick and you don't know what to do. Congratulations on the new car. I loved my Malibu and I hope yours lasts a long time for your family.

Tamie said...

wow, what an eventful couple of weeks for you guys! i love the last picture odf Kambria in the leaves...very cute!