Monday, March 02, 2009

My 6 month old crawling!!

So this is a quick video of my six month crawling! I can hardly believe it! I was definitely NOT ready for him to do this. This is partly due to him watching a friend of ours' little daughter and he is about the same size as her, but she is 9 months old...and anothers due to my mother! She worked with him when we were last there and "taught" him how to move forward for the things he wants to get. Now he is ALL over the place rolling this way and that and "scooting" but he has gotten pretty fast at this scooting crawly thing. Enjoy the video! video...sorry blogger will not upload it for some reason...and I am done trying.

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Roni, Coleman, Makadie and Anika said...

So--I could not find a video to watch--but I totally feel for you! Anika started crawling at 6 months too~ After the crawling came the climbing! Good luck! I wished she would have waited until 9 months! People kept saying she'd walk by 9 months, but thankfully she waited until 11 to do that!