Monday, March 02, 2009

the news

So it has been an interesting week. We finally got the culture news back on Wednesday and she has traces of E-Coli!!! AGH!! we are not sure how she got that, but she is on antibiotics for that and it will also cover the UTI. And on top of that, I guess e-coli can have some very serious side effects on your kidneys and she is going in for a renal ultra sound and a vcug on Wednesday. We are learning more about this awful disease more each day...So that is the reason for lack of posting...just I know so many are!

We have been playing every so often try and get back into the routines we once had. So we go the the park and the mall for when it is cold. But they are short trips so as to not make Kambria TOO tired.

She is doing better and better and I think I have my girl back! I am so glad! Even if she does make me crazy once in a while! I love her so much and am glad she is feeling better!

this afternoon before I put her down for her nap I was chasing her and tickling her and she was so cute...I told her it was time for her nap and she have to tickle me though! She is just a cutie pie!

Here is a blurry picture of her and her friend Rileigh at the mall. Too bad it is blurry. They only hold still for so long...


Jackie B. said...

e-coli?! yuck! I'd make sure they clean ALL the toys in nursery!! Glad she is on the road to recovery!

Angella said...

That's so sad! I wonder ow she got that...? Crazy! Hopefully that cute girl gets better soon. No fun!

Andrews family said...

Oh yuck! Poor Kambria! Hopefully she gets feeling better soon.