Tuesday, December 01, 2009


We drove to Utah to be with Bryan's family for thanksgiving. I drove out with the kids and Bryan's mom on tuesday morning and then Bryan and his dad flew out on wednesday night. We had a fun time. Kambria enjoyed having Madalyn around and for the most part they played well with each other. Weston even enjoyed the fun. We had all the fixens and I helped with the green bean casserole and pies. I have to admit though that I like making my own pie crusts rather than the store bought. I used store bought becasue that is what we had to use and the crusts ended up being burnt. No biggy, but I like my own pie crusts (probably becasue that is what I know how to do. ;o)
Some picture to relect on fun times:
The kids were pretending to be driving a bus. Madalyn was the bus driver
Kambria brought her dress up clothes to share. Madalyn and Kambria had a lot of fun dressing up being "princesses."

Erik was the "man of the hour." All the kids loved to climb on him.

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