Monday, December 28, 2009

now the wait

Thanks all for your thoughts and prayers on my brothers behalf. He is set to have surgery on Jan 5th. It will be from 9am-3pm...or more it that is what it takes. It will be a stressful day for all of us!

He has what is called glioma. Not much is know about how all the surgery will go down, recovery or radiation and chemo...but we are doing ok. My brother is handling it well so far...he is a trooper. I want him, and everyone I know, to know how much I love him and treasure our relationship as friends as well as brother and sister. He means the world to me. Even though we have not been able to do things together as of recently due to living in different states, I do remember all, and I mean ALL the times we have had together. It makes me giggle just thinking about the "words" he makes up and the game night we spent laughing!

I love him so much. I do not know how this will all turn out, but I do know that we have a Heavenly Father who knows how it will turn out and he is watching over my brother and our family. We have already seen so many examples of this in just the short time since we found out.

I am sorry other things will have to be put on updating this blog as much as I would like. I will try to get christmas put up as soon as I can go through the loads of pictures I/ Bryan took! Thanks for understanding!


Jennifer B. said...

My prayers are with you and Brady for a successful surgery and treatment!

Brady said...

Thanks Eliza. I appreciate the thoughts and all the past memories too. I love you as well.

Kristy said...

What a difficult thing to go through. My thoughts and prayers are with you, your family and Brady.

ValSterByDe said...

haven't visited in a while. sorry to hear about the stress your family has been enduring! Hope all went well on the 5th!

Dre said...

My sis Collette had a brain tumor removed last October, went through radiation all last year and has surgery again this Friday. I hope you are alright, I know that this is SO hard!!! We love you and we will pray for you, your family and Brady!