Sunday, June 06, 2010

The nashville parthenon

So this weekend we went to the Nashville Parthenon. Which is an exact replica of the Parthenon in Greece. It is HUGE! It houses the world's largest indoor statue which happens to be of Athena. And it has the world's largest pair of bronze doors...they weigh 7.5 tons each!!!! And they are a foot thick and over four stories tall! These are it... And this is Athena...largest indoor statue. There is a lot of information about this statue...more than I can even remember! Quite cool to see and read aboutThis is Athena's shield. Again...a lot of information and detail.

There is a lot of history about how it all fits in with the Greek can look at their website if you want to know more.
This is the outside of the Parthenon. You can see how tall it is compared to Bryan and the kids.
So this is in front of the bronze doors from the outside, while the other picture was from the inside. If felt like we were going on a tour of Hercules... a lot of mythology...
This is the whole thing. you can see all the "little" people next to it! Very intricate in all its detail...they definitely were not modest in their "beauty of the body" ;o)
These are the columns outside...quite a picture.
So the Parthenon is in Centennial Park, so we took a picnic lunch and ate it outside on our jean blanket my mom made for us! We did not stay too long...the humidity was really bad and it was HOT outside. If you look closely you can see the Parthenon in the background behind the trees to the left...
this is Weston's hair in the hot humidity...VERY curly! Don't mind his peanut butter on his face.
this is the water feature we ate near. And then we went and saw this railroad is in Centennial Park too. This plaque is telling us all about the history of the car and engine. Apparently this was the doorway of the home office in Nashville... Here is the sign telling us not to climb on the train...can you find the English mistake? Hello? Who is in charge of that one?

The train engine was really big. You can see how big the wheels are...they are as tall as me!!! I never realized how big trains are. I felt so small and insignificant next to it. no wonder they used to put tied up people to kill them on railroad tracks...they weigh a ton! Surely you would get run over. Here is Kambria and Weston in front an airplane in the park.
We enjoyed the park and the Parthenon and our weekend adventure.


Kristy said...

You are so good at finding fun things to do. Looks like a lot of fun.

Ashley said...

I second what Kristy said - you guys are so good at site-seeing. You've inspired Pat and I to get off our bums and start getting out on the weekends. And boy I do NOT miss the humidity!