Saturday, June 26, 2010

Father's day

So I know I am late at posting Father's day...but only by 6 days...that is not too bad huh? So we did not "get" Bryan anything for Father's day due to the money we spent on his belated birthday/ father's day gift f his weed wacker! But I did surprised him with some little gifts that turned out to be free or less than 25 cents... this is his loot! Life all their variety. Gummies, sour gummies, orange mint, cherry lemonade, strawberry green apple, wintergreen. He LOVES life savers...if not before he does now! ;o)

We also gave him some car wash and tire cleaner. The next day for FHE we washed our cars. The kids LOVED helping and getting wet!

Kambria wanted to give daddy a kiss for father's day... and of course...

So did Weston!

And then we gave him an 8x10 collage of pictures with him and the kids. We called it daddy time. It was pretty fun to go through our pictures and find pictures of just him and the kids. There were ones of him at the birth and then ones as of recent. it was fun to look at how much they have changed and grown. We sure LOVE our dad! He is the best! Thanks for being the best dad!


ashley said...

Haha! I totally did the same thing (almost)! Pat got a collage too, body wash, and a knife thing they were giving away at Lowe's. I thought I was super awesome because they were free :). But I think it's great, because otherwise...he probably would've got nothing.

(Is Publix as great as the rumors say?)

Kristy said...

What a great idea to do for fathers day. And cheap is the way to go. How fun!