Saturday, June 26, 2010

Weston's owie

I have been very lucky to not have too many bumps and bruises on my kids. They are reckless but somehow they don't get least no blood. Not this time. It was an eye opener for me...and Weston too.
We were at the kitchen table and Weston was climbing on the chairs and pushing them around. The next thing I know Weston is SCREAMING bloody murder and I pick him up off the floor and blood is gushing from the back of his head. He must have gotten twisted up trying to climb up of the chair and he must have hit his head on the bottom of the table . Thank goodness that I had remembered that MaryEllen had always said head wounds bleed a lot, because otherwise I think I would have taken Weston to the emergency room. Then I would probably sat there FOREVER and then when I finally got in I would have been sent home. So instead we just waited for about a half hour with ice on his head and me singing and rocking him to calm him down. Once he calmed down and the blood stopped gushing I think it turned out fine. He will have a scar but his hair will cover it. It was not a very deep wound but it was wide. Again I thank my lucky stars. Someone is watching out for us!


ashley said...

I know - what's with this age and the kids suddenly getting hurt?! Glad Weston's ok! (Lydia will have 2 little scars on her bottom lip too)

Kristy said...

Poor guy. It looks like that hurt a lot. Unfortunately it probably won't be the last owie.