Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Kambria's 4!

I can not believe that my little girl is 4!!! She is such a diva! She has been such a blessing in our home and makes life fun and interesting! We love you Kambria!!!

We staged the dining room the night before..
this was before she was allowed to see all of her presents

We gave her her first two wheel bike!!! She had given her old one to Weston for his birthday and she didn't even know she was getting a new one. She LOVED it!Can you tell by her expression how much she loves it?

Of course she had to have the princess helmet to go with her princess bike!
I made her a special "4" pancake. She thought that was kind of cool.But not as cool as her Ariel umbrella!!!! She has wanted one of these for a long time. Every time we go into the store she some how would find it and say mom I want one of these...and i would say maybe for your birthday...wow was she happy! Showing off the umbrella...but she ended up breaking it so we took it back and all they had left was a princess one...which she said is ok too. She is a little more careful with it. A princess watch...her very own watch...so she can be like her cousin Hayden. And her Ariel doll who can go swimming with her in the bath...so she can be like her cousin Madalyn...man do these cousins make an impression on Kambria! This was my first attempt at making fondant. I think it might be my last. A LOT of work for something you don't really want to eat any way! But it was fun and she likes it!


ValSterByDe said...

holy cow, that girl can get some good expressions on her little face... all of those pictures are classic!
happy birthday

Kristy said...

I love how excited she gets. Your kids are too cute.