Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Weston's 2nd Birthday

I can not believe that my little man is already TWO!!! Time sure has flown by! WE sure are happy Weston is a part of our family and what a joy he is. We got to celebrate his birthday on his actual birthday...it helped that it fell on a Saturday!

When Weston woke up he found his presents and balloons already at the kitchen table waiting for him! He was so excited!He LOVED his balloons and thought it was so fun to have all the attention on himself! We let him open his presents before breakfast because he was so excited and wouldn't have it any other way. One of his presents was a prince of Persia horse and little figurine. He always likes to play with kambria's play horse so we got him one of his own! As you can tell he knows what to do with it. Another present he got was a spider man umbrella. He thought it was great! Its raining its raining mom...He got some clothes from Bryan's parents. He thinks they are a lot cooler now when he get to wear them than when he opened them...but he also got a talking Thomas the train...and he wore out the battery in the first day he loved it so much! This present was a special one to me...as his mother. Kambria gave him her tricycle as her present to him. It did not take very much coaxing for her to do either! She was excited that this was her present for him. And he LOVED being able to ride his new bike without her trying to take it from him. It was special to see Kambria giving her brother one of her prized possessions...she didn't even know she was getting a new one for her birthday! What a great big sister!Cake came later that night. Of course it was a train cake! He is big into choo choo's right now! What a special joy this little boy is to our family! I still can not believe he already 2! He is learning more and more everyday and talking up a storm. There are still times when I can not quite understand him, but he gets his point across by showing me....he takes my hand and makes me walk to what he is talking about...whether it be a certain type of cereal or a certain way he wants things done. We love him and are so glad he is in our family!

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Russell Family said...

How fun!! The trains are great for little boys.

Check out craigslist for Christmas. We managed to get Alec a Thomas the train table with loads of trains, track & pieces for $200, such a great deal! Just spent an evening with Lysol wipes cleaning it all and it was good to go! I think we made a similar cake for Alec's second birthday! You guys are so awesome! I bet Weston loved it!