Tuesday, August 24, 2010

nonie and papa's bday presents

So while Tess was here she brought Nonie's and papa's birthday presents with her. So we went to the mall and had dinner and gave the kids their presents. Each got a card....

And a their presents were a roll of quarters to buy what they wanted! They were both SO excited to have their own money!!!

Can you see the excitement?!

one of the first things they wanted to do with their money was ride some of the kiddie rides in the mall. I NEVER pay the money but just let them sit on it. This time they actually got to ride them!
Weston's face show the pure enjoyment of childhood!
The next stop they made was at the candy store. They had a lot of fun picking out candy and paying for it with their OWN money.

Here is their "goodies!"
Thanks Nonie and papa for a wonderful gift! We have had so much fun!

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