Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The third weekend in September we had no teaching responsibilities for church, which NEVER happens, so we decided to take the opportunity and go camping. It was wonderful. We went to a place called Fall Creek Falls. It is a Tennessee State park and it has SO much to do. We wished we had stayed a little longer than we did, but were glad we got to go camping for the first time just as us as the Fairbanks family. We got to FINALLY use our camping stove that my parents gave us for Christmas almost 3 years ago!, along with a bunch of other new camping things we have never used. It felt like Christmas opening all the camping gear!

Weston wanted to do what daddy was doing and use the hammer...
He was so cute!

There was a dear that kept running through the camp. It had to have been used to humans before because it was so tame! This is truly how close were got to it...
There was a play ground that the kids liked to go play on...
And of course being at the campsite was fun too!The firewood that we brought with us turned out to be too green and would not catch on fire...we ended up having to make the fire with all the kindling around the campsite. It worked for our purpose to have tin foil dinners...and then the kids went to bed...good thing it wasn't too cold to really WANT a fire or we would have been out of luck!
This is breakfast the next morning; eggs, bacon, pancakes and hash browns. We had so much fun talking about all of our camping memories with both our families! Especially when washing the dishes afterwards...it reminded both of us of my Father and his comment about how he likes to do the dishes in the mornings so he can have clean warm hands afterwards! thanks for all the memories!
MMMM pancakes!

the chair entertained him for hours!
Then we packed up camp and head to a hike to see the falls. Supposedly this fall is the tallest fall this side of the rocky mountains! There was not too much water, but it was a big fall!

There were LOTS of rocks to climb over to get to the bottom of the falls.

this is at the bottom.

Just proof that we made it there.

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Kristy said...

That looks like a fun camping trip! It is so beautiful!