Sunday, October 31, 2010


The kids really enjoyed going trick or treating this year. They started on Friday night with Zac (the little boy I watch during the week) and his mom at Vanderbilt university while Bryan and I went to the temple together. Since the TN temple is a small one, there are limited hours and so this was the first time we went together. It was a fun night for all.

So this is Friday night when the kids went out with Jen and Zac.

Then Saturday afternoon we carved our pumpkins! Kambria has always loved helping!

This year Weston even got into it, making gross noises and faces and all!
He did not care for the "goo" but liked making sounds!
What a boy!
The kids got to "decorate" their pumpkins with some clearance finds from last years Halloween! They are "Mr. potato head" pieces you stick into a pumpkin! Weston got the vampire.
And Kambria got the witch!
We had to make one of our pumpkins the orange m&m to go along with our theme!
So Saturday night we had a Halloween party at our church. We got to go and play games and go "trunk or treating" even though it was inside this year. Safer, and warmer I guess. Although I like it more when it is outside.
This is the whole fam in our m&m costumes that I made! It was so much fun to make and paint on the faces. Bryan, who is a good sport, but never truly likes to dress up in the things I make him for Halloween, was ACTUALLY EXCITED to wear his Halloween costume this year! I think we make a good "candy" family! I was the peanut m&m since I have a "peanut" inside me...that is what the sign says on my costume. That is what made it funny!

And here are our carved pumpkins. Bryan's of course was the spooky Halloween tree! He is always so good at the carving thing. Mine are always simple and easy!
Bryan even won the best carved pumpkin! Him with his little trophy!
There was a dessert contest and these are some of the contestants that we liked:

We think these might have been purchased and then brought because they were SO well done. but not really sure. Cute and creative none the less.

That was our Halloween fun. Tonight being the actual Halloween and being on a Sunday, we stayed at home and handed out some candy. Well I should say Kambria and Weston handed it out. That was the most fun of the night!


Kristy said...

I love your costumes! So cute! And your pumpkins turned out so good. I love the idea of the Mr. Potato Head type decorations. So fun!

Dre said...

You guys look great! We HAVE to get together when you are in town in December. I would LOVE to see you and your adorable family!!!

ValSterByDe said...

so cute! well done on the faces, they all look GREAT!
clever, with the peanut inside:)

OurNotebook said...

Hello Eliza!!! This is Saundra (Dennis) Gorham. I saw your blog site on Nate's page and I thought I would say hello. You should check out our blog at Miss you girl. Your kids are darling! Hope all is well. Oh my email is Take care of yourself and send my hellos!

Becca said...

So about those really well made cupcakes... someone actually made them! They told me how today!
Fun blog!