Sunday, October 31, 2010

Eliza's birthday

I did not want a big deal for my birthday...I usually don't. But Bryan definitely had a couple of surprises up his sleeve. i woke up to a breakfast of cinnamon rolls...which after looking at old birthday pictures seems to be what I request...3 years in a row now...

I also received cards from my in laws, and parents and Kambria Weston. The card that was great was Bryan's in that my present was a day to myself...ALL BY MYSELF!!!! I went shopping the next day and had a blast by myself! It was wonderful...and Bryan stayed at home and cleaned the bathrooms! What mom could ask for anything more?

Bryan also surprised me with this beautiful frame! He even put some fun pictures in it. I did not have any expectations about dinner or "date" that night. i just told Bryan we were going out to dinner because I did not want to cook! Well little did I know that he had a babysitter and reservations already set up! I got to go to one of my favorite restaurants: Maggiano's! They even had a special "birthday" dinner desert for me. and the best part was that we had a coupon for $10 off our bill and a gift card that I had earned previously. Total birthday dinner was $9!!! that was for over $40 of food! It was wonderful and all thanks to my wonderful husband. Thanks for great birthday!

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Kristy said...

Happy Birthday cutie! It is the best to get a deal on dinner. And a day to yourself is awsome. You deserve it.