Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Easter Bunny

The Easter Bunny came to visit us Saturday morning! The kids were so excited to get some candy, toys and even a new shirt.

This is Weston when he finally noticed the Easter baskets sitting on the couch. (He had been awake for almost an hour and just didn't notice them.)

Do you think Kambria is excited?Weston showing off his loot. ...and more...Weston is in love with chapstick. The Easter Bunny was silly enough to get him his own! We have to monitor the use of the chapstick by keeping it out of reach and letting them use it when they ask. Weston loves his new golf set. He is just not sure how to really use a golf club. Bryan tried to show him how to hold the club, but he still just swings it about the room with one hand, usually upside down, and is lucky if he makes contact with the ball rather than his sister's head. After the easter bunny came we went over to our friends' house and had an easter egg hunt. This is us waiting at the door to unleash the kids!

Kambria finding eggs

Weston finding eggs

Kambria stating that she found some more

Weston with his typical pouting face.

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Kristy said...

What a fun easter!