Monday, April 11, 2011

Ainsley blessing day

Ainsley's blessing day was April 10, 2011.
Some of the things said...
-bless you to know of your parents love and Heavenly Father's and the Savior's love for you.
-bless you with the ability and understanding to grow in the gospel to help you grow and develop spiritually to lead you back to your HF.
- bless you with the understanding of right and wrong and the courage to make right decisions even when it is not popular.
- bless you with the desire to be sealed in the templ to a righteous husband and to continue a righteous posterity.
-bless you to be healthy and strong and to serve others around you
-bless you to be a light unto others

It was a wonderful day and we were so happy that Don and MaryEllen could be there with us.

My mom made her cute little shoes. She also happened to make the is the same one that Kambria wore for her blessing!!!! So beautiful

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Kristy said...

You have a beautiful family!