Friday, March 09, 2007

6 month photos

So I wanted to get Kambria's photos done every three months for her first year. We spent WAY to much money on her 3 month ones and so I decided I was going to just do something cheap. So I see this advertisement for Walmart where you get 36 photos from one pose for only 4.88. Walmart saves the I thought. Well I had plans to get the pictures taken on Monday...That did not happen because I got too busy doing other things and then Kambria fell asleep on me. I did not want sleeping pictures. So I planned on Tuesday. Then I got sick and did not feel good all day. Then I decided Wednesday I was going to get them done because she is only 6 months for so long and I was already procrastinating enough. So on Wednesday we went to good old Walmart photography. We just walked in...I should have made an appointment. We waited for a half an hour for this little boy to smile when all he did was scream at his VERY young mother. I think she was just a friend of the Walmart worker.

So we finally get in there and go figure, it is a BRAND NEW Walmart store, but the table that you put your kids on to sit on was made of green grass colored carpet with a HUGE rip it the middle of it. So i figure well she is just sitting on it anyway. So we start to try and make Kambria laugh and smile...which is kind of easy when you just clap your hands together right now. The lady did not take but three photos when I realized SHE DID NOT KNOW WHAT SHE WAS DOING!! She couldn't have been more than 18 years old. So then I realize that you have to pick a picture when it is taken and accept it for the 4.88 pose. you don't get to see all of them and THEN choose!!!! I was so frustrated that I said yes to one where I thought it was ok. Then the Walmart worker proceeds to try and take more pictures on DUMB backgrounds. One of them I am sure was supposed to be fairytale-ish. But there were HUGE mushrooms right by Kambria's head. UGH. Then comes this "spring background" that was hideous too. So I said, " lets just stick with the black background." So she takes a couple more and I HAD it! I said that is enough. Can I change the 4.88 pose to this one instead of the first one? NO she states. You have to stick with the first one. BUT I will give you some free pictures of the one you like.

So I ended up getting basically two "4.88" poses for the price of one. It was very nice of her, but I think she did it because she could see I was VERY frustrated with their setup! So I ended up getting a couple good 6 month photos and vowed NEVER again will I go to that least until I have seen the employees working the photography store and how they work with kids. AGH.

But at last I can say I have her 6 month photos done.


Kristy said...

What a crazy ordeal. At least they were cheap but maybe not worth the hassle. If you can post them on your blog, I would love to see them. I'm glad you are feeling better.

Heather said...

Seriously I did the Wal*Mart thing once (I think it was Kaden's six month sitting) and haven't gone back.

I'm telling you- JCPenny's is the best place on a budget. I always have a coupon for Free sitting and 4.99 sheets. And they do a pretty good job up here.