Monday, March 05, 2007


So we found out that we are going to go to Utah April 27-29. This is the weekend BYU graduates and so that is the weekend they are going to bless Madalyn. I think it will will work out fine. At first I was a little distraught because that weekend my friend from Rick's college, Jackie Brown is going to be in Denver as well as it is our stake relief society retreat as well as my sister's junior prom. Now regularly a junior prom would not be so important, but my sister is graduating early next year and so this is her only chance for prom. So I am still a little upset about not getting to see her all dressed up, but I think it will still be OK. And Jackie has said she will still be in town on Monday so I can still see her, it will even be her birthday that day, and the relief society retreat will be OK to miss....although I would have liked to go.

So We will stop and see my Grandma and aunt Sherie as well as see Brady and hopefully his apartment. I would like to see all the work he has done painting walls and decorating! I am excited. It should be fun!

So that is all for now!

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Kristy said...

I will be in Moab, Utah with my family that weekend. There is so much going on for you that weekend. Have a fun trip!