Monday, March 26, 2007

Different weekend than expected

So we did not move out stuff this weekend! It poured rain ALL day on Saturday! And usually you would be able to still move some stuff wen it is raining, but I thought that if anything got wet and then you put it in storage it would mold and ruin no moving happened. We got the storage unit, but don't get charged until April 1st so that is nice. So we hope that the weather will cooperate this up coming Friday. We would move on Saturday but it is general conference and did not want to do that, just in case anyone who was helping us wanted to watch or listen!

So we just played up in fort Collins instead. We went and looked at some new model homes! They were so much fun to look at and dream! They are REALLY good prices for the amount of home you get.Too bad we are not in the market for a house right now. We would definitely look into buying a house in this part of town! There was one house we fell in LOVE with. It was about 2700 square feet not including the unfinished basement. And the price was $280,000. But it was GORGEOUS!!! Bryan and I want to go back sometime soon and take pictures of the decorating so we wont forget what we liked when it does come time for us to look into buying a house. One day it will happened...we are determined. So for now we were just dreaming!

And then on Sunday we had a VERY long day. We were at the church building from 9am to about 5pm..yes we had lunch/dinner in between but we went to the bishops house for it and then went back to the church for choir the point of telling this is to say Kambria did not get her morning nap due to it being too entertaining at church and then she did not get her afternoon nap...and she was a GRUMP! And then on top of that because she was so tired she had a very rough night... Which makes a rough night for me too. So today she is sleeping!!!! I put her down for her afternoon nap around 12:30 and I HOPE she does not wake up for quite a while... I might even consider taking a nap here soon. Yep I think I will head that way. Until next time!


Chele said...

Hey Eliza-
are we still planning on doing lunch on friday the 6th just thought I would touch base with you. I know what you mean about the houses. I have seen some that I absolutely love but don't know if I will ever be able to afford them. For now I will stay content with the one that I have. SInce I have painted a ton it is getting to be a lot nicer. Let me know about the 6th

Kristy said...

I love looking at houses too. Its too bad everything is so expensive in LA. The same house here would be around $1 million give or take, depending on the area. Good luck getting your stuff moved.

Heather said...

I love browsing in the model homes too, its so much fun to see different ideas. Good thing we live in WA, cuz 280,000 would be out of our budget too!!