Monday, April 09, 2007

a fun Easter weekend

So we made it to Utah and back all safely! The plane ride with Kambria was good. Not too bumpy and she did wonderful! However I would recommend a tired baby instead of a baby full of energy. Kambria was great, a little restless at times, but great. It was her first plane ride at 7 months old.

Thursday we got in at 10:30 pm and grandma and Sherie picked us up. We stayed up until 12:30ish and it was wonderful to have Kambria meet her great Aunt and Great grandma!

Friday we woke up early and had stuffed French Toast. It was incredibly good, filling, but good! And then we met Michele and her two daughters, KaLisi and Alyson, and Michele's sister Jen. Kristy and Alden were there too. We had a good time. It was fun to reminisce about old times and have decided we REALLY want to do a Ricks college reunion this summer! Then that afternoon we met our friends Travis and Shelby with their son Parker at the Joseph Smith building to see the new movie there. Sherie and Brady came too! It was wonderful and made me want to share the gospel with everyone I meet! Was a great experience it was. Only little blip was that we thought we would enjoy the movie better if we left Kambria with Grandma Jetta. So we did. The we got to the theater and remembered that Travis and Shelby wanted to see Kambria. WHOOPS! So we had them come back to grandma's house and we sat and chatted for a while. Then since it was Sherie's birthday we took them out to Cafe Rio. It was fun! What a day!

Saturday we woke up a little later than on Friday. We ran to Seagull Book to get the new movie out called the Testaments. We bought one for mom and dad, Bryan and I and Nelson and Leah.
Then we went to deseret and bought Sherie a little willow figurine. She loved it and it made her cry!

Then we had Brady drive us up to Provo where we got to see his apartment and computer/TV setup! Man has he got the system thing going good!!! It was fun to chat with him for a while too. Then he took us to Lisa and Erik's house where we got to meet Madalyn and hold her! She is SOOO small! You just forget how small new babies are. And none the less she is 6 weeks old now. I can only imagine how small she was 6 weeks ago! We then went to a park in Provo canyon and had a little picnic! It was such a nice day. not too hot but warm enough to suntan! We played Frisbee and threw the football around. Then we took pictures, of course, and drove back. Before we got home we decided that we should stop and get the HUGE ice cream cone at Macy's grocery store. They were great but REALLY big and they old cost a buck! it was awesome! We had hamburgers for dinner on Eric's new birthday grill and played games. An end to a great day.

Sunday was Easter and Madalyn blessing! The dress was a little big on her, but it was beautiful. Everyone was amazed that I could do something like that. It was a lot of fun to see the shock on the families faces! It was worth it! We then went to Erik's mom, Bjorg's house. We had a wonderful Easter dinner. Then off to the airport with Scott and Jacqueline.

The airport was fine, except on the way over our bag was BARELY 50lbs and so we decided to rearrange some things. We put Bryan's hair supply bag on the carry on. Only we forgot that no Liquids or gels over 3 oz could be on the plane. So I had to wait by security while Bryan went back and checked the bag. It turned out fine, but just a little sidetrack.

So that was our weekend in a nut shell. Great times and fun memories were made. Glad I am home though!

And then Grandma Jetta and Sherie will be her on Wednesday! YEAH!!!


PotatoJack said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!! If i ever get prego and have a girl, you are so making the dress!! I'll pay you for it too. It is SO BEAUTIFUL!!! I never knew you could sew so well. Thanks for all the pics. I'm glad you had a wonderful trip!

Heather said...

The trip sounds great, and I agree with Jackie- YOU did a FABULOUS job on the dress. So beautiful! I'm glad you guys got pumped for the reunion!! We really need to get planning!

Tamie said...

Eliza, I really had no idea that you could sew! And sew something like that! Hey, maybe I'll have a girl next, hmmm..... :) You're amazing!

Kristy said...

The dress turned out beautiful! You did a great job. It was fun seeing you again. I had a great time visiting with Sherie and Grandma Jetta, too.