Thursday, August 02, 2007

Brother in town

So this weekend was supposed to be e driving out to Utah t see some old roommates from Ricks College...that is until I found out that my brother Brady was going to be in town. I did not think he would like it very much if I drove over to Utah when he was in Colorado. So I decided to fore go the trip and wish my roommates a good time without me!!! but PLEASE take some pictures and post them on your blogs!!! Thanks

So the reason my brother is coming is for our 1st annual Dirk Lamprecht family reunion! My mother is going wild with it!!! And it should be a blast. She has a lot off things planned, but the big one that I know of is a family history thing. I know it will incorporate some genealogy too, but she wants each of us, kids and their spouses, to write down dates and things of importance that has happened thus far in our lives. It should be a fun and interesting time. I know she also has hikes and games planned out...with of course some down times for us to just chat and laugh our heads off! I am excited!!!! This family reunion is next week, so I am sure I will say more about it!

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PotatoJack said...

Sounds like a blast! Eliza i too am not going to make it to "girls weekend" in Utah. We are having a Brown Family Camping weekend. I think it's just Heather, Lael and Michele going. :( i wish i could go too. Have a great time hanging with the family!!!