Thursday, October 09, 2008

Weston's 2 month checkup

So we went to Denver to go to Weston's 2 month checkup. We still have not transferred our medical "stuff" up here to Fort Collins yet, due to the fact that we are having to reapply for medicaid. long to Denver we went. Plus I don;t mind because then I get ot see my mom and dad and also the fact that I REALLY like our pediatrician. She is incredibly nice and cares about what is going on in your life. I LOVE it!

So here are the stats from Weston's checkup:
Weight: 15.32 lbs = >97 percentile
Height: 23 1/2 in = ~75 percentile
Head circumference: 15 1/2 in = ~25 percentile

So the boy is a chunker with some height on him, but has somewhat of a "smaller" head. Which you would NEVER guess by looking at him. He has quite the chubby cheeks!!! Isn't he cute!

This is Weston cooing and "talking"

He has so many thing he can do already! He is cooing ALL the time and smiling. I never remember that kids smile so early. And he is doing it a lot. He can also almost sit up for a quick second due to how many rolls he has. We even put him in Kambria's little high chair and he could sit up it in great! You would think he is ready for solid foods...well not quite yet, thank goodness!

We are so grateful to have him in our family and love to watch him grow and learn everyday. Kambria loves her little brother and is VERY concerned when someone wants to hold him. She will usually yell out "MY WESTON!!" we are learning to share! I couldn't pass up posting this picture! This is Kambria's "cheese" face when we want to take a picture. But I love the hair and how curly it is in this picture and how cute she is.
This is Kambria sitting on the potty. We are attempting the potty training thing...somewhat. She does really good about wanting to sit on the potty, but usually there is no success unless we put her feet in warm water. And then she goes, and she plays in the bowl of water too. But it is a start and we will take it slow.


Kristy said...

Weston is too cute. I love it when babies smile and coo. Kambria looks so small holding Weston on her lap. Good luck with potty training.

Tamie said...

hye: at least kambria will sit on the toilet---can't even get jack to do that yet! (and he's almost 3 1/2--oh the woes!)
those two sure look like siblings--though i can't decide which side of the family they favor...

Jackie B. said...

i love that she has your curly hair. :)