Monday, February 16, 2009

Valentines weekend

So on valentines morning Kambria woke up at 2:30 and threw up all over the place. This was the first time she has ever thrown up. So we watched her most of the day and she seemed to be doing ok...just had to take things slow with drinking soda and eating Popsicles. She was even feeling ok enough to dance with Elmo...our favorite part is the butt wiggle.

We had a couple of friends over, Ashley and Patrick, for our yearly tradition on doing fondue on valentines day, but since Kambria was sick we were scared that we would not get to do it. Well I told them she had been throwing up and such, but they thought it would be fine to come over.,..adn Bryan and I were grateful they did. We had a wonderful time and Kambria was just quiet and peaceful on the lovesac. However, I did feel bad that she did not feel good. We played games while she slept. And Weston just rolled around the room and played with their daughter Lydia. She is the same size as Weston, but 3 months older.

So through the night, we slept good, and Bryan eve got up and went to choir practice, since that i his calling, and stayed for sacrament meeting. However, Kambria turned week very quickly and was REALLY thirsty. So Bryan had called his dad to give her a blessing and so his mom called me and said I should call her doctor. Well her records have never been transferred to a doctor up here in Fort Collins, since she hasn't had to go the doctors. So I tried to call Weston's doctor...they have yet to call me back... so I texted Bryan and said to get home quickly. I looked up on the Internet signs of dehydration...and Kambria was exactly that! DEHYDRATED!!! We took her to the urgent care and they gave her some medicine to help with nausea and she ate a Popsicle and some pedialyte. Then they sent us home. So we spent the afternoon worried as ever! She had sunken eyes and was VERY skinny! She lost a LOT of weight.

But I am proud to announce she is back and feisty as ever! She has her attitude back...and for that I am grateful. i will take that over her being that sick. However...I WOULD like her to be a little calmer some days. None the less I and glad she is back...she just has a really sore bum from all the diarrhea...that might take a couple of days to heal....ouch!

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Kristy said...

I'm glad Kambria is feeling better. It's always scary when kids are so sick. I am glad to hear you got to do your fondu night. What a fun tradition.